Sunday, January 18, 2009

Creative push

so currently I seem to be going thru projects at a very quick pace. It helps that I am working on some small projects as well. I made a doll shawl for an 18" doll partially as some product development for my Etsy shop once I can get that open. I am also making Cliff some felted slippers for at the Witchery. I started them last night and I am almost finish the first one and I think I should have them finished by the weekend.

In thinking about it I know it is Murphy that is at the end of this - you see I am almost out of wool currently and can not reasonably afford to buy more wool until I am working again and the crux of that is when I am working again I will be too tired to spend as much time in the evenings knitting.

I love Murphy.

Well here is the doll shawl for those who might be interested.


DarklyFey said...

The shawl is adorable. With regards to felted slippers, which pattern are you using? Can you share or is it copyrighted? I'd love to try making a pair. I love felting things. I use Paton's Classic Merino for felting.

Tamile said...

I found the pattern on Ralvery as a freebie. It is called 'Family of Slippers' I did not use the carry thru novelty yarn as in the Pattern. If you are not on Ralvery I can send it to you. I am currently make a pair for myself in Alpacha. They are turning out very cute I will post them when I am done